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Drepung Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet

All major monasteries and national parks require visitors to purchase entrance tickets. These tickets are often colorful, and some include small CDs or postcards. In the summer, tickets are full price, though some are discounted by up to 50% during the tourist low season in the winter. Over the years, ticket prices have increased, and are likely to change again in the future.

In some remote areas, particularly those outside the Tibet Autonomous Region, it is not necessary to purchase entrance tickets. However, as a visitor, you should still think to leave a small offering on an altar in the monastery. It will serve as a donation that will help the upkeep of the place, and it is Tibetan custom to make offerings when visiting temples. Other ways to make offerings to a monastery include placing khata scarves on or near holy statues and pouring yak butter into the ever-burning candles. Khata scarves and butter lamp candles can be purchased in front of most major monasteries.

This list is meant to serve as a reference guide for those looking for more information on the price of entrance tickets in Tibet. However, when calculating your budget, you should not think to include all of these places! Visitors to Tibet can expect to visit two sites per day on average.

Entrance ticket price guidelines:

  • Famous monasteries: 70-100 RMB
  • Large monasteries: 50 RMB
  • Smaller monasteries: 20-40 RMB


Potala Palace: High season 200 RMB

Jokhang Temple: 85 RMB

Norbulinka: 60 RMB

Drepung Monastery: 60 RMB

Nechung Temple: 25 RMB

Sera Monastery: 60 RMB

Ramoche Temple: 35 RMB

Ani Tsangku Nunnery: 30 RMB

Palalupu Temple: 30 RMB

Drigung Til Monastery: 45 RMB

Tsurphu Monastery: 45 RMB

Tibet Museum: 40 RMB

Charpori/Medicine Hill:  20 RMB

Dolma Lhakhang Temple:  20 RMB

Yangpachen Hotspring:  98 RMB

Reting Monastery: 30 RMB

Click here for a Lhasa City Map.

Shannan Prefecture

Dolma Lhakang: 20 RMB

Ganden Monastery: 45 RMB

Trandruk Monastery: 70 RMB

Samye: 45 RMB

Yumbhulhakang Palace: 70 RMB

Tomb of Kings: 35 RMB

Mindroling Monastery: 25 RMB

Dratang Monastery: 20 RMB

Lhagya Ri Palace:  20 RMB

Click here for a Shannan Prefecture Map.


Namtso Lake: 120 RMB

Yamdrok Lake: 100 RMB

Drak Sumtso or Basumtso Lake: 120 RMB

Peikutso Lake: 60 RMB

Mapangyuntso Lake or Lake Manasoravar: 150 RMB


Tashilunpo Monastery: 80 RMB

Sakya Monastery: 45 RMB

Shalu Monastery: 40 RMB

Click here for a Shigatse City Map.


Gyantse Fort: 60 RMB

Pelkor Choede Kumbum: 60 RMB



Rongbuk Monastery: 25 RMB

Everest Nature Preserve: 180 RMB per person (including the guide)*

Everest National Park Vehicle Fee: 400 RMB (Land Cruiser), 600 RMB (minivan)

Park bus: 25 RMB

*Everest Nature Preserve is the only place where the guide must purchase a ticket. Tour groups are responsible for paying the guide ticket, unless otherwise specified in the itinerary.

Click here for a Mt. Everest Map.


Pasumtso Lake: 80 RMB

Lamaling Temple: 30 RMB

Giant Tree Park: 20 RMB

Lulang Forest: 15 RMB

Click here for a Nyintri Prefecture Map.


Mt. Kailash: 50 RMB

Lake Manasarovar: 40 RMB

Toling Monastery: 120 RMB

Guge Kingdom: 240 RMB

Click here for a Ngari Map.


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