Tibet Autonomous Region Maps

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Trying to get a better idea of where your itinerary will lead you? Want to map out your trip or plan the best order to visit different sites? Check out these maps, which are all published by the China National Tourism Administration.

Please note that many of the names of sites are transliterated from Chinese, and might be a different from the common Tibetan or English names. (For example, Qongmolangma Peak is Mt. Everest and Mapam Yumco is Lake Manasarovar.)

Click on the maps to zoom.

Central Tibet Map

Central Tibet Map

Lhasa City Map

Lhasa city map

Shannan Prefecture Map

Shigatse City Map

Shigatse, Tibet Map

Nyintri Prefecture Map

Nyingtri Prefecture Tibet Autonomous Region Map

Mt. Everest Map (Qongmolangma Peak)

Mt. Everest Map (Qongmolangma)

Western Tibet (Ngari) Map

Western Tibet map

Overland Routes to Tibet

Overland Routes to Tibet


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  1. Herschel J. West says:

    July 6th, 2011at 11:13 pm(#)

    Dear Sirs: I will answer your questions as follows:

    1. When do you plan to travel to Lhasa?
    We plan to travel to Lhasa via Train from Xining – Lhasa rail in the First of June 2012

    2. How many people are traveling with you?
    At this time there may be three of us, but in any event there will be no less than two.

    3. How many days do you plan to be in Lhasa and Tibet?
    Approximately five days in Lhasa and approximately seven on the Friendship Highway

    4. Are you interested in a budget, standard, or luxury tour?
    We would be interested in either budget or standard while not knowing the conditions of either.

    5. Which places in Lhasa do you want to visit?
    Your services would not be required within the city, however, we wish to travel the famous Tibetan Friendship Highway for a photographic tour as stated in #6 below:

    6. Which places (if any) outside of Lhasa are you interested in going to?
    As per previous e-mail: We would require a Good English speaking driver familiar with the route together with a suitable 4WD van to travel with us along the Friendship Highway as stated; to see the famous Tibetan lakes, Shigatse, Gyantse, the famous Tibetan mountains, Monasteries, Forts, and EBC Ronbuk Monastery, and then delivered just across the Nepalese border.

    7. What type of Chinese visa do you have (ex. tourist, student, etc)?
    We have not yet acquired the Tourist Visas for 2012 (We are in the Planning Stage) We will need help in getting all the Permits: Travel, Military, Touring, etc etc. However, what do we do when we need the travel permit for the Xining-Lhasa Train, and the Tourist Permit for visiting the Lhasa sites etc. etc..

    8. When does your Chinese visa expire?
    As stated above in #7.

    9. What is your occupation(s)? I am an Electrical Engineer retired.

    10. How did you hear about us?
    I acquired your e-mail from Lonely Planet Travel Guide on Tibet, and although I know it is standard I am impressed anyway with your reply!

    I know I have not been specific with some questions and can let you know with more detail if you actually need it. I have not fully formulated everything at this point.

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