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Rebkong/Tongren  རེབ་གོང

Rebkong(Tib: རེབ་གོང/reb gong/Repkong/ cn: Tongren),  is located in the Golden Valley of the Rongwu Guchu River  in Malho (rma lho, Huangnan) prefecture southeast of  Qinghai province, The valley is at about 2600m(8500 feet) above sea-level, extends from the north to south, and is surrounded by several mountains. Rebkong is also famous for it’s Tibetan traditional arts and cultural preservation.  The there are several large monasteries and villages scattering around the Rongwu town which is home to hundreds  of artist. The most well known villages and monasteries are Sanggeshung Yago and Sanggeshung Mago(upper and lower Wutun), Gomar Gompa, Nyamtok village.etc.  If you are interested in learning Tibetan culture and Tibetan traditional arts, Rebkong will be one of most recommend region.

Rebkong is one the major Tibetan town in Amdo both in economically and politically.  Rebkong has a diverse population of  Tibetans, Chinese and Hui,  among these ethnic groups, Tibetan population takes about 70% of whole region.

The main attraction of Rebkong are Rongwu Gomchen monastery, upper and lower Sanggeshung monastery and artists village, Nyamtok village, Gomar Monastery and local Tibetan farming homes.

Rongwu Monastery རོང་བོ་དགོན་ཆེན, the largest monastery in Rebkong located at the south end of the town. The monastery is built in 1301 by Lama Samten Renchen. The Monastery has consist of  several important temples and colleges. The main temples are The Great Sutra Hall, Main Assembly Hall, The Manjushri  Hall.etc. Rongwu Monastery was a Sakya Sect Monastery but later became a  Gelug Pa sect of Tibetan buddhism Monastery.

Rongwu Monastery

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