Xining/ Siling ཟི་ལིང

November 22nd, 2012  |  Published in Amdo Tibet

Xining City

Xining is located in the eastern part of Qinghai Province and lies on the upper  Tsongchu  River (Huangshui River). An important attributory of Yellow River. It is formerly part of Tibet’s Amdo province, and a little over one million Tibetans inhabit Qinghai’s minority Tibetan prefectures of Haibei,Hainan,huangnan,Golog, Yushu and Haixi.

Now Xining is the political, economic, and cultural center of Qinghai Province with an average altitude of about 2,200 metres (7,200 ft). Human activity in the region can be traced to 2,100 years ago.  Xining has six colleges and universities, eight hospitals, some four hundred plants and mines and a few bustling commercial centers where the cuisine reflects the province’s ethnic diversity. Ethnic minorities, mainly consisting of Hui (Muslims) and Tibetans, account for about 15% the city’s one million people. East part of Xining around the biggest Mosque in Qinghai province,  is  mainly inhabited by Hui Muslims. But there are total of 5 ethnic minorities such as Tu, Sala, Mongolian.

The whole Xining city population is about 2.5 million.

Xining has both flights and train from most of major cities in China. The Xining to Lhasa train become most popular train in the summer season because Xining considering the gateway of Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

Xining  Tourist sightseeing:
Huzhu Beishan National Park,  a day trip from Xining  by private car.

Kumbum Monastery/Ta’er Si, A half or  day trip from Xining, bus or taxi available.

Nanshan Si, a combine monastery of Taoism and Buddhism at the bottom of south mountain in Xining.

Beishan Si, a Taoism Temple on the hillside of north mountain.

Great Mosque, the biggest Mosque in northwest China is also in the east of Xining.

Qinghai Tibetan Cultural and Medical Museum, the largest and most authentic Tibetan museum so far.

Qinghai Provincial Museum, it’s the west side of the town but not much to see.

Datong Yaozigou forests, a day trip with a good  hiking place in the forest.

Golung Monastery/Youning si, a day trip from Xining by car.

Qinghai Lake/Kokonor lake, a day trip from Xining

Xining Three Scholars Temple


Xining Train station

There are two train station in Xining.  The old train station is on the Qilianlu street which  has been under construction and not run anymore,  this will be ready by 2014.  The other one is Xining West station is located at Chengbei district Xizhan Street #10. It takes about half hour from downtown to the West Station.


Xining Local Markets

There are two main Tibetan Markets in Xining. One is the local Market, it’s located in the eastern part of the town opposite the Xining long distance bus station and Xining train station.  The other one is tourist Tibetan market, it’s in downtown at Ximen Shuijing Xiang alley.

Xining Night Market is on the Daxingjie street downtown,  it’s open after 7pm everyday. You can have local Muslim and Chinese food on the night market street.

Xining Hostels and locations:

Xining Sangzhu International Hostel,  Huzhu Zhonglu Street.

Xining Pogoda International Youth Hostel,  Wenhuajie Wenmiao Street

Xiliangyi Hostel: Shipojie street

Lete International Youth Hostel, Jiancaixiang Street.


 The Tibetan Market Tibetan decoration store 


Xining Tibetan Market yak butter store


Tibetan tent factory in Xining Tibetan Market


Chinese Tea Farmer in Xining







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