Sershul (Shiqu)

June 30th, 2012  |  Published in Kham Tibet

Sershul/ Shiqu

Serchul or Dzachuka is located the bordering of Qinghai and Sichuan province. It’s about 135km east from Jyekundo(Yushu) and 220km west of Manigango. Sershul is found at the upper reaches of Yalong river. The Sershul town itself is not a interesting place, but the outskirt of the town has many nomads people herdering their yaks and sheep.

Sershul Monastery གསེར་ཤུལ་དགོན་པ།

This is an important Gelupa monastery lies on the beautiful hillside from where you can see the opening valley. This is the biggest monastery in Sershul area which hosts more than 500 monks at the present. There were 1500monks in it’s peak in early 19th century. There is a village opposite the monastery where you can have some basic food and there were one guesthouse at the end of this one street village which is extremely basic. The best accommodation in this area is the Tibetan style Sershul Monastery guesthouse which  located right foot of the monastery, no shower but facilities and beddings are relatively clean. This monastery annually holds Molam Festival or Prayer Festival and Buddhist teachings by the head of this Monastery in October. This is great time to visit this monastery, the monastery offers tents, blankets, food, tea for free for anyone come from outside. You will see many Tibetan nomads from Jyekundo(Yushu),Dege,Nagchu in Tibetan Autonomous Region to attend this week long Prayer Festival.

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